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Oct 8, 2012 - Gettysburg – The Historical Side of Pennsylvania

When we talk about Pennsylvania, many will automatically think of Philadelphia and Pittsburg but did you know that there is an intricate part about Gettysburg that needs to be explored too. Abraham Lincoln's famous American Civil War speech and famous saying will forever be associated with Gettysburg.

What is unique about Gettysburg is that although other cities all around the country are trying to move forward and change things, buildings, people, and also innovate with technology, there is a very 'old' side to the city. They are into preservation of what was previously America...before the hoopla and the modernization of everything. That is why culture is a very important thing and they have gone ahead to restore civil war architecture, land and sites like the Jenny Wade and Shcriver House. Many of our charter bus Pennsylvania customers love historical sites like the Gettysburg National Military Park where the historical battle happened. Yes, some may think of it as a sombre experience but let's think of it as exploring the history behind how the country became what it is today. That plays a very important role in how we deal with what we have today and also what to strive for the in future.

Our customers would take our charter bus, coach bus, sleeper bus or relax in the party bus that they have rented from Charter Bus Pennsylvania to hop onto the Lincoln Trail Museum and then ride the exact route that took Abraham Lincoln from Gettysburg to Washington DC in 1863. The kids, in the meantime, if they do not enjoy the train ride and the view, can have a first hand exploration of the thousands of model trains being exhibited and displayed.

Being such a historical place, our charter bus rental customers from Pennsylvania will also get to see more than twenty thousands hand-painted soldiers, horses, and military weapons and buildings at Gettysburg's Diorama. It is a truly eye-opening experience, to be completely honest.

In the meantime, if you are looking for reliable charter bus, sleeper bus, mini bus, school bus or any other types of large bus or vehicle for your trip here in Pennsylvania, be sure to look up Charter Bus Pennsylvania for a quote. We promise nothing short of exemplary service.