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Nov 13, 2012 - Cherry-Crest Farm Is Great For Family Fun

Winter may be creeping up on us this year but this does not mean that it is time to stay holed up at home with the kids and play computer games! In Pennsylvania, the locals like to take on the cooler temperature outside and head out to farms like the Cherry-Crest Adventure Farm.

To say that the kids are going to have a swell time is going to be an understatement when it comes to a mini bus outing in Cherry-Crest. They have a maze, a petting zoo, an obstacle course, a playground, shop, cafe, and a bouncy 'pillow' for the kids to hop on and have loads of fun! There is a trail there that you can take on together with the little ones, it is fun and healthy at the same time.

Younger kids like toddlers might not be able to navigate the maze well enough on their own so an adult should be there to keep an eye on them. In any case, there is also another smaller and less complicated maze at hay bales to keep the younger ones entertained while the older ones tackle the maze. For the older kids, just one advice...RUN! And keep on running till you are out of there! Parents, don't be scared that the kids are not going to find their way out. The staff there will let the kids know where the emergency exit is. In some cases, kids might panic and start crying when they can't find their way out so, the parents will station themselves at the mouth of the emergency exit.

The older kids, like teenagers, will not feel left out at all because the staff can create games, put out clues and have a fun catch game in there as well. After all is done, it is time to bring the kids over to the cafe for some snacks, food and yes, some much-needed hydration.